With the population increase, there is growing pressure to develop urban sites. Noise is an important factor in many new planning applications and existing operations. An increasing number of local planning authorities require noise surveys and assessments to support planning applications for proposed residential developments in urban areas, which are typically affected by transport, industrial and entertainment noise. Noise assessments are also required for proposed developments, such as mines, industrial plants, wind farms and railways, which may impact on sensitive receptors in rural settings.

We specialise in all aspects of Environmental Noise & Vibration measurements, and our services include:

  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Noise Mitigation Programmes
  • Traffic, Railway & Airport Noise Assessment, Prediction & Control
  • Noise Modeling Prediction for Permitting & Buffer Zone Determination
  • Vibration Measurements

Some of the models we utilise include:

  • CadnaA (Industrial, Road, Rail Noise)
  • INM (Aircraft/Airport Noise)
  • dbRoad (Road Noise)
  • dbRail (Railway Noise)
  • dbSite (Construction Noise)
  • HNM (Heliport Noise)